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Jessica Marshall is a designer, which has studios in New York and Las Vegas. She will tell us the 15 floral tips, so that we can simply dress up our house and room, like how to make flowers wither, no delayed vase alternatives, these tips are very simple and can be done at home.

1. plant stems cut 1-2 cm, 45 degree angle

can increase the area of stem water absorption, so that the flower maintained in a water rich state.

2. use a cup as a vase

can be after stem pruning of flowers placed in the cup, with a rubber band or hair tied to prevent the spread of , this demonstration  : pink hair with flowers, lavender and pheasant crown flower.

3. open the bouquet after adding warm water, and then into the cold water



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Xu father talking about his son, something difficult to open.

who is he ?

Xu Bazhong Enyang, born in July 1999, has not yet fully reached the age of 16. Three weeks before graduating from junior high school, quietly dropped out of school. He ranked third at home. The family economic conditions have been good, married sister, sister in Chengdu. Xu introverted, see the family embarrassment, had told the family, always want to go out to earn money, earn a lot of money, the home of the house. Deputy director Xu village, Xu family is at an altitude of over 780 meters in the mountains, the whole family to farm for a living, the family economic situation in the middle and lower level in the local. "The child has not been in the village for more than a year, usually performance can not hate."

where is he ?

5 30


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is to increase the number of flower topping, the plant tends to be low, a trim to open and take consistent flowering. Mainly used for herbaceous flowers. For woody flower seedling pruning, the long branches, the day after the formation of the line shape. The method is when the seedlings grow to 10 cm, off the tops of 1/3 or 1/2 sites were located 0.5 cm above the bud. Can be repeated as required.

most flower seedlings in the top of the trunk to pick (or cut), transfer plant apical dominance will be cut below the mouth of the bud, in the cut out below 3-4 branch, to replace the central main stock growing. In the flower transplantation or before planting, off the central trunk front to promote the germination of branches called the first time topping, such as after a period of time in the germination of the top branches to pick one, it will grow more branches called second times topping.


herbaceous flowers, s


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from the beginning of 1981, Coca-Cola opened in the mainland Chinese bottling plant has been 35 years, now Coca-Cola bottling waved moment assets.

11 18, Swire Pacific (00019, HK), Chinese food (00506, HK) two Hong Kong listed companies announced at the same time, disclosure of Coca-Cola in the reorganization plan China bottling layout. The next day, Coca-Cola and bottling partners held a signing ceremony, announced after the reorganization of the company in Chinese bottling business by two COFCO and Swire franchise partner operations.

in the game and the integration process of Coca-Cola, COFCO and Swire, each of the three parties take its advantages. Analysis of China food industry commentator Zhu Dan Peng on the daily economic news reporter, Coca-Cola’s bottled heavy asset stripping, reduce the difficulty of management and operation cost ; and for COFCO and Swire, this is the market share and profit growth


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little naive to think that as long as the grow up to be able to easily dunk the basketball court after growing up still occasionally to the students to play with a dunk had fun, dream will one day I put on the Jordan series can also be a walk on air shoes. How many basketball teenager because of various reasons there has been no contact basketball game today only incarnation of "NBA fantasy" game world " keyboard man




game today "NBA fantasy" is still the main business simulation model of classic game player, play their love NBA team manager, running his own team, through recruitment, talent, trading and other means to improve their own team, continue to develop their own players, witness a generation of players, the king of the Division of growth, achievement feeling overwhelmed.



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police seized stolen police for map

in December 11th this year, 8 pm, a female employee near Wushan Square, a large shopping mall to Shiba police station, she worked in a store called a "CABBEEN" brand clothing store, she and colleagues found on the shelves just a 3000 yuan worth of leather was gone.

the police retrieved the mall monitoring, found that day 6 p.m. early, there are three male guests visited the counter. They stayed in there for two or three minutes and left quickly. A clerk said, one of the men had asked her a dress price, but then no consumption.

police found the three men carry all with satchel. And three people left the CABBEEN, the look is very tense, the suspect is quite large.

police launched a monitoring and tracking of the three men - they are not only more than three people, there is a dedicated car driver in the mall,


Introduction du forum le 4 juin à 08:11
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Love letter

Dear Wang litte girl : 

Dear Miss Wang :

(translation of this sentence, I took a lot of thought, Chinese directly with "dear" seemed a meat, meat with he


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[notice] Yueyang forestry paper : on the policy of subsidies announcement : December 28, 2016 20:31:59 net earnings ;

Stock Code : 600963 stock abbreviation : Yueyang forestry paper announcement number : 2016-077

on the policy of subsidies announcement


Introduction du forum le 4 juin à 07:31
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e-book will impact the quality of paper books, publishers and writers of the revenue will be greatly reduced." This is the concern of publishers and writers a couple of years ago. But things are quite different today.

Zhang Wenyi, vice president of Amazon

and Amazon China president, said two sets of numbers :

is on the Amazon platform, the total 2016 paper electric synchronization compared to 2015 increased by 63% from this figure we see that more and more publishers and writers, are willing to paper electric synchronous way to release the book ;

two is, paper electric synchronization also help books come into contact with more readers, in 2016 to achieve the synchronization of paper electric books and the realization of paper electric synchronization books, the average sales more than


Introduction du forum le 4 juin à 07:31
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dark soul 3 Julia suit how to obtain the soul of darkness 3 Yulia in which to buy clothes . Many game player wanted to get dark soul 3 Yulia suit, so in what place to buy ? The following 99 stand-alone network Xiaobian to introduce the dark soul 3 how to get the spirit of the dark suit Yulia 3 Yulia in which to buy clothes.

first week to reach the fire and then back to the end, a sacrifice, will find that she did not go, but also with the end of the same line, later killed her old woman can go there to buy Julia suits her, but it seems that the left gray to old woman do not pay it only buy weapons.

3 game problems in operation of

dark souls cannot move Chinese set the handle is arranged to stop running game flash back game BUG 0xc000007b Caton pinched face, the installation error of decompression problems without sound archive location memory PS4 handle



Introduction du forum le 4 juin à 07:31
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Introduction du forum le 4 juin à 07:30
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Introduction du forum le 4 juin à 07:24
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exam to take more than a multi volume model, test order is not uniform, please check the test questions !

Conversation One

M : how long you a Market Research Consultant been ?

have So

W : Well, I started after finishing university. straight

M : you market research Did ?


W : Yeah, and it really helped me to get into the industry, but I have to say that it’s more important to get experience in different types of market research to find out exactly what you’re interested in.

M : what you interested in So ?


W : Well, at the moment, I specialize in quantitative advertising research, which means that I do two types of projects. Trackers, which are ongoing projects that look at trends or customer satisfaction over a long period of time. The only problem with trackers is tha


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thanks to the strong market and the United States and the United States Department of luxury cosmetics market booming, the world’s largest cosmetics group L’OREAL (L) Oreal third quarter turnover recorded the fastest growth in the past 4 years. For the first three months of September 30th, L’OREAL group’s turnover increased by as much as 6 billion 150 million euros ($6 billion 820 million) to $5.6%.

2016 in the third quarter, Henkel (Henkel) sales reached a new high. Sales growth of 3.4%, up to EUR 4 billion 748 million. Sales benefit from solid organic development and business acquisitions. Adjusted operating profit (EBIT) increased by 7.6% from EUR 778 million to EUR 837 million. Actual operating profit increased by 666 million from EUR 16.4% to EUR 775 million. Nominal sales rose 1% to $13 billion 858 million in the first nine months of 2016.



Introduction du forum le 4 juin à 07:06
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Phase 125th 2016-12-28

Nanjing integral settled policy : foreign people to accumulate 100 points, do not buy it

124th : these reasons to tell you : in 2017 the price of gold will rise in chicken

In recent months, gold and silver suffered a strong blow a lot of gold and silver, basically gave up 90% of this year’s rise [Topic] with...

123rd : Trump put pressure on the Fed interest rate : the probability of large gold and silver to bargain hunting opportunity

Recently, the global market panic is spreading...... This is Trump’s "power", gold and silver was...

Phase 122nd 2016-11-08

The United States presidential electio


Imunoterapie , message posté par Kerline le 3 juin à 16:43
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Bonjour je suis Kerline j’ai 33 ans et mère d’une petite fille de 9 ans. J’ai A pris que je faisais une grossesse molaire en septembre 2017. J’ai eu 2 courtage à 3 semaine d’intervalle car c’était revenue. En octobre métastases au poumon donc metrotrexat, on me dit aussi que je dois changé d’hôpital. De octobre à février cela fonctionne bien mais en mars on me dit qu’il faut passer à une autre chimiothérapie car mon taux de bhcg stagne. Je change d’hôpital encore. Sa me gave. On me propose 2 traitement une imunoterapie et une chimiothérapie normale. On me par que des biens fais de l’imunotherapi donc je choisis celui-là. Mais aujourd’hui je pense avoir fais le mauvais choix. Car non seulement je déteste l’hôpital,les soignant et les medecin mais je suis rentré en mars avec un taux de bhcg à 23. Aujourd’hui après 2 mois mon taux est toujours à 23. Mais il a d’abords descendu à 17 puis remonter à 19 puis stagne a 23. Je ne sais pas quoi faire je me sens perdu depuis que je suis dans cet hôpital. Je ne me sens pas écouter ils me balade de service en service. Il me font venir à 10h et je repars à 18h car je dois attendre mon tour pour un chimio qui dur 2h. Il y a 15 jours je suis partie de l’hôpital car de 10h à 13h je n’avais toujours pas vue le médecin et ma chimio n’était pas encore validé. Je dois gère le personnel et mon taux qui ne baisse pas. J’en peu plus je pleure tous les soir. Mais personne ne le sais je n’en parle pas de mes crainte à ma famille je veux les préserver de tous ça. Avec mon conjoint on ce dispute souvent maintenant car en moi je lui en veux de ce qui m’arrive mm si je sais que ce n’ai pas vrai mais je sens qu’il faut que j’accuse quelqu’un. Car je ne comprends pas pourquoi moi. J’étais si bien avant . Ma vie et gacher.je pense tout le temps à la mort maintenant je n’arrive pas à dormir à cause de sa. Je cris souvent sur ma fille elle ne peux plus elle aussi. Je nai plus de patience pour rien. Je ne sais pas pourquoi jecris ici peut êtres par ce que ce que je vous ai dit je lai dit a personne. Je pense que je vais voir un psy. Merci de m’avoir lu.


    • Imunoterapie , message posté par le 3 juin 20:07
      Bonsoir Il faudrait être transférer dans un centre en cancérologie où vous allez être traiter merveilleusement bien... vous de où ? Je comprends tout à fais votre stress et l’angoisse j’ai eu la même chose au niveau des hôpitaux j’ai fais moi le transfert dans un centre Oscar Lambret à lille Pleins de courage il faut rester fort profiter de tous ces petits moments avec votre mari et votre fille À bientôt


        • Imunoterapie , message posté par Christelle le 3 juin 21:42


          Je suis passée par le méthotrexate et j’ai failli changer de chimio... Je n’aurai pas tenu le coup sans ma psychologue. Je te conseille effectivement d’aller en voir une, arrête de tout garder pour toi, il faut que tu en parles à quelqu’un ! N’hésite pas à appeler Lyon pour savoir ce que tu peux faire (changement de chimio, d’hôpital...). Ils t’aideront !

          En attendant, on te souhaite bon courage, tu as tout notre soutien. Dis toi que tu es sure à 100% de guérir. Pour ma part, ça a pris 9 mois. Ca semble long, mais après tu verras on tourne la page...


            • Imunoterapie , message posté par le 4 juin 14:12

              Bonjour merci beaucoup pour tes encouragements.

              J’ai appelé Lyon ils m’ont dit qu’il ny avait qu cette hôpital qui pouvait me donner mon traitement. Car je suis sous imunoterapie. Mais il vont appelé mon hôpital car eux aussi les trouve incompétent.


                • Imunoterapie , message posté par le 21 juin 13:34


                  J’ai le moral au plus bas, mon taux à augmenter. Il.est passer de 23 à 25. Sachant que sa faisais 2 mois qu’il était à 23. Je ne sais pas quoi faire ni quoi penser. Je pense que l’imunotherapi ne fonctionne pas pour moi.


        Introduction du forum le 3 juin à 09:51
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        to experience all the features, you must have two conditions :


        first, * * Fanqiang software, because Google provides data not subject to the management of zgzf, Google, was blocked, the server, the use of withdrawal, caused by instability in the mainland, now enter the google.com will automatically jump to the google.com.hk and most of the time is not open, this time a very important

        Fanqiang software



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      people.com.cn > > and > > "history reference" > > history reference sixth

        also stingy ; also stingy : TOYOTA family how to wring
      towel last drop of water"

       and Liu Xiangnan

      compilation ;

      2010 08 11 11 09:59  

      [name] and     printing ; message ;  network forum     mobile phone reviews ; error correction

      "car to Piedmont Road, but TOYOTA is not brake." Since 2010, TOYOTA step by step into a recall door abyss. Because of the gas pedal car mats, tubing and other quality problems, TOYOTA global recalls of automotive safety hazards, the total amount of nearly 10 million vehicles, far beyond the

      "car to Piedmont Road, but TOYOTA is not brake."

      twist dry towel last drop", finally itself is screwed on the
      in the vehicle the towel TOYOTA recall, mostly for the production of products since 2005, and at that time, TOYOTA is crazy for half cost plan. Buried under the quality of the hidden dangers, and ultimately detonated a recall incident. Today, TOYOTA can only be crazy to fill in the money. />

      this principle can save the province stingy, so TOYOTA in the industry known as the "stingy" enterprise, but it is undeniable that the cost control is always one of the killer TOYOTA in the global competition winning.


      成也抠门 败也抠门:


      编撰 |刘香楠


      【字号 大 中 小】 打印 &nbs


    Introduction du forum le 1er juin à 11:34
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    [on SEO] 10 errors in the understanding of SEO

    · 2016-01-03 19:59

    Tiancheng Xingrong ;

    Tiancheng Xingrong network science and technology limited company

    professional network development, mobile web site construction,

    network marketing, web hosting, WeChat marketing planning

    website SEO optimization, 400 enterprise service call.

    first-class team and innovative ideas.

    micro signal : tcxrwl


    misunderstanding : search engine against SEO

    a lot of people think that the search engine and SEO is the relationship between each other, that the purpose of SEO is to undermine the search results of the fair and effective, this argument is in a certain range of market.

    however, in response to the objective understanding, first of all, don’t be confused with SEO Spam, who by copying other content, filling and even invisible text Spammer, the search engine is sure to strike ; secondly, fundamentally speaking, SEO has a common goal and search engine, that is how to effectively to organize content, help users in the most effective way to find what they need, from this point of view, search engine and SEO is more like a symbiotic relationship between complementary storage.

    error two : SEO is very simple

    this point SEO beginners are often found in the mouth, many people tend to adjust and improve the Meta Html about keyword density called SEO, and that SEO just ears, quite wrongly ! Basically, SEO is a very complex and delicate work, success SEO relates to the construction site from the establishment of website brand to ROI (Return on Invest


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Introduction du forum le 1er juin à 02:08
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lead : beauty sister these days Mori Morishizu was a hot search topic on micro-blog smile spirit, following the previous boyfriend to my girlfriend after makeup is the most fashionable now let boyfriend guess cosmetics your worth. Well, this is a cliff Bianzhuohuayang show loving collective child dog show !

let boyfriend guess cosmetics

these tricks makeup beauty sister guess the price has been successfully

bright blind eyesLet

straight cancer cosmetics and skin care products price does have a lot of urine, oh no, is bursting point. Look at the beauty of your inventory.

laugh full group

beauty sister just point into this topic after the discovery of a wave of video come to me, as a strong curiosity and a baby, take the essence and dis


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bottle gun as our first contact with the turret, in the early stages of the risk model is still very good use, not only low cost, power is also good. But in the end it is not enough to rely on its own, we have to seek a combination of bottles gun turret, then bottle gun how to match it ?

bottle cannon overview :

bottle gun belongs to base turret. First of all, bottle gun has fast attack speed, top gun bottle once in 0.2 seconds ; secondly, bottle gun has large coverage, the construction of 5-6 will be able to cover the map ; finally, the bottle top gun can provide a gain for other turret damage. bottle gun damage is not high, but the ability to repair a good knife.

bottle gun assist :



Nouvelle , message posté par Anna le 26 mai à 11:12
il y a 2 messages


Juste quelques nouvelles, au cas où certaines auraient vecu la même chose (mais c’est très rare, donc j’en doute). Suite à ma tumeur trophoblastique gestationnelle, on m’a diagnostiqué une MAV, malformation arteroveineuse dans l’utérus. Résultats, grosses hemorragies très souvent. Pour traiter cette MAV j’ai eu une première embolisation uterine il y a trois semaine. Mais des vaisseaux se sont reformés pour alimenter à nouveau la MAV et j’ai de nouveau eu des hemorragies. Du coup hier, de nouveau embolisation utérine. Seulement cette nuit, j’ai de nouveau fait une hemorragie, donc encore une fois ça n’a certainement pas marché.... Du coup quid de la suite ? Troisième embolisation ? L’alternative c’est une hystérectomie, mais je voulais tellement avoir un enfant...

J’en ai marrre, et là malgré l’hémorragie de la nuit les médecins ne font pas d’examen d’imagerie complémentaire, j’ai l’impression qu’ils attendent juste que je revienne aux urgences plus tard suite à une nemieme hemorragie pour decider quoi faire. Mais moi j’en ai marre, ça m’empêche de vivre !


    • Nouvelle, message posté par Christelle le 28 mai 20:08

      Bonjour Anna,

      Désolée, nous ne pouvons pas vraiment t’aider, c’est très rare ce que tu as :-( Mais je voulais tout de même t’envoyer ce petit message pour te souhaiter bon courage et t’envoyer des ondes positives... J’espère que tu en verras bientôt le bout !


Protocole en route , message posté par Virginie LRX le 22 mai à 14:05
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Bonjour les filles protocole mis en route dès aujourd’hui première injection de métho à j1 j3 j5 j7 ensuite repos d’une semaine et la même chose pendant 1mois et demi minimum.
Je suis tres stresser mais bien entourer
Bon courage à toutes


    • Protocole en route , message posté par Christelle le 23 mai 15:01
      On te souhaite bon courage ! La 1ere injection est la plus dure moralement. Après on s’habitue...


        • Protocole en route , message posté par le 23 mai 21:10
          Oui effectivement c’était très compliquer à vivre la douleur à pour moi été dure deux heures après grosses nausées avec vomissements pas dormie de la nuit ils m’avaient prévenus ;(


            • Protocole en route , message posté par Ammm le 24 mai 15:59
              Moi aussi j avais eu bcp de nausées zophren et primperan ainsi que des douleurs abdo Ms je me ss jms habituée et toutes les injections ont été très dures pour ma part Bon courage


                • Protocole en route , message posté par Christelle le 25 mai 16:24
                  Pour ma part aucune nausée j’ai eu de la chance... Juste de la fatigue...


        Introduction du forum , message posté par Niinouss le 22 mai à 12:07
        il y a 3 messages


        J’ai fait un scanner des poumons cérébrale et on dit vous avez des nodules pulmonaires j’en et 5 le plus grand fait 1milimetre j’ai tro peur mais mon HCG diminué normal donc je ces pas si je ver fair la chimio ou pas ya t’il des perssonne dans la même situation que moi


          • Introduction du forum, message posté par le 22 mai 23:24
            Bonsoir, j’ai moi aussi eu cette situation mole complète avec métastases pulmonaires 4 dont 3 visible à la radio de thorax mon hcg à stagner se qui m’a valu de commencer un protocole de chimio aujourd’hui. Bon courage à toi la route est longue et douloureuse moralement il faut resté forte *???????


              • Introduction du forum, message posté par Niinouss le 23 mai 14:31
                Cc, mais avec la chimio sa va tout illuminé j’espère j’arrête pas de penser a sa je stresse j’engoisse moi je commence le metotrexate lundi moi il arrive pa a voir a la radio mais au scanner il mon détecté 5 nodule mais a la radio ta rien tout et normale j’arrive pas a comprendre. Entouka bon courage pour toi ma belle et pour moi


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