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But it is worth noting that some mahogany furniture materials are not all false but not easily find the position with "white" or other material shoddy It is understood mahogany raw materials have heartwood and sapwood the so-called sapwood is "white" and the value of sapwood to far less than the heartwood Such as bright red acid branch per ton of 2 00000 white thousand dollars however a difference of 200 times after paint and painted patterns such as multi-channel "make-up" processes but it can integrated with the heartwood However the sapwood poor hardness to embrittlement will greatly reduce the service life of furniture as for the value of art collection cannot be mentioned in the same breath Process of fraud to be careful in the production process in accordance with the mahogany furniture of the national standard wood junction to the mortise and tenon structure unless there is a special process requirements such as not as overall structure used for fixing the top cabinet doors of metal parts otherwise with nails fixed also belong to the adulteration but some businesses will be in wood interfaces with nails or glue Traditional mortise and tenon joint production is generally considered to be the "three-year apprenticeship is only beginner" skills non experienced veteran artists not competent All of the furniture can be disassembled completely tenon reflects the essence of authentic traditional furniture culture From the appearance point of view can be divided into early tenon tenon and mortise and tenon dark three categories Mortise and tenon and mortise head is simple and tenons protruding from the eyes of Mao outside of the obvious to see tenon to Ming style furniture and with a broken head wedge namely in the tenon intermediate wooden pin the reinforcement effect Mortise and tenon normal should see in different points with different tenon structure Fraud to prevent fraud in recent years there are a lot o


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but to participate in new standard formulation of experts — ten River chamber of Commerce President, leasing is actually means of the sale of businesses, the Chinese businessmen padauk is no exception, whether material, and in the hall, the spiritual needs of natural back seat.
Express card as mahogany furniture "identity card", and therefore has been popular in the high-end crowd of all. so he keenly aware of the importance of furniture professional knowledge and aesthetic judgment. light. 2013 to January 15.A tremendously popular in the Qing Dynasty furniture appreciation of Emperor Qianlong carved lacquerware furniture — on the Qing Dynasty furniture recognition and appreciation (13) the / freelance writer Zhu Baoli edit / lead-in in Chen Guihu a article In the vertical grain direction sliding nail, red sandalwood Indonesia blood dragon Liu. Laos and other places.


Introduction du forum le 10 juin à 06:12
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Description : on the first floor for firmware instructions, download the address, the two floor for the brush tutorial !

1, the line brush package based on the power station P98 3G eight core official 1.08 firmware streamlined optimization !

2, a large number of software is not commonly used and inefficient bottom driver ! Added some commonly used software !

3, add SONY third generation image patch, optimize the display effect !

4, adjust the init.d script, optimize the touch, greatly enhance the system fluency !

5, add 6592 to optimize the MtkTweak, optimized memory footprint, providing a variety of performance models for oil selection, 15 !

6, add IPhone style suspended window, you can adjust the minimum brightness of the screen, you can customize the rich function keys...



    • Introduction du forum, message posté par le 10 juin 15:03
      Non mais c’est quoi encore cette pollution de merde sur ce forum ?!? Vas écrire tes conneries ailleur.


Introduction du forum le 9 juin à 03:03
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Introduction du forum le 8 juin à 17:13
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(original title : the tree of the deep change out of the Chinese people’s happiness flower )

November 1, 2016, general secretary Xi Jinping stressed that the comprehensive deepening of reform and the twenty-ninth meeting of the central leading group on the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, to fully implement the party spirit, firmly establish political awareness, the overall sense of core consciousness%2


Introduction du forum , message posté par Hasnaa88 le 8 juin à 17:12
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Je reviens vers vous encore une fois, pour vous demander des renseignements, je suis toujours mon taux de BHCG suite à une mole partielle découverte le 6 décembre ; jusqu’à maintenant mon taux n’est pas encore devenu nul il stagne à 4.70, je vous envoie ci-après le détail des prises de sang :

Le 15 dec 2017 : 2765
Le 29 dec 2017 : 145.60
Le 12 janv 2018 : 46.55
Le 26 janv 2018 : 21.46
Le 02 fev 2018 : 11.83
Le 23 fev 2018 : 11,58
Le 14 mars 2018 : 7 ;91
Le 04 avril 2018 : 7,20
Le 24 avril 2018 : 6,69
Le 15 mai 2018 : 4,70
Le 08 Juin 2018 : 4,70

Je voudrais savoir est ce que mes résultats ne présentent aucune anomalie, vu que j’ai passé 6 mois de suivi.

Par ailleurs, mon médecin traitant me confirme que tout va bien, et que je peux envisager les essais à partir de juillet même si mon taux n’est pas encore redevenu nul. Est ce que c’est effectivement possible ? et ce que c’est sans danger de récidive pour la prochaine grossesse ?


    • Introduction du forum, message posté par Nanou le 9 juin 02:10


      D’abord première question, ton laboratoire estime la negativation à partir de combien ?

      Si cela peut te rassurer, moi aussi mon taux a mis du temps à descendre, surtout en dessous de 100.

      Voici mes taux hcg :
      - 17/02 : 154
      - 24/02 : 87 (-67)
      - 03/03 : 52 (-35)
      - 10/03 : 32 (-20)
      - 15/03 : 25 (-7) 5 jours
      - 24/03 : 17 (-8) 9 jours
      - 31/03 : 14 (-3)
      - 07/04 : 10 (-4)
      - 14/04 : 7 (-3)
      - 20/04 : 6 (-1)
      - 28/04 : 6
      - 05/05 : vacances
      - 12/05 : < 5
      - 19/05 : < 5
      - 26/05 : < 5
      - 01/06 : < 5

      Mon laboratoire situe la négation en dessous de 5 donc peut-être que tu es déjà négative.


    • Introduction du forum, message posté par Christelle le 9 juin 12:54


      Tu ne peux pas commencer de nouvelles grossesses tant que tu n’es pas négative et que tu n’as pas eu le feu vert de Lyon (après 3 prises de sang hebdomadaires suite à ta négativation.

      Toute la question est donc : es tu négative ? Pour la plupart des labos, on est négative quand on est en dessous de 5. Il faut donc te renseigner auprès de ton labo !

      Bon courage Christelle


        • Introduction du forum, message posté par le 9 juin 20:03


          Je vous remercie pour votre retour, malheureuseent on labo estime la negativation a moins de 0.5 donc selon lui je ne suis pas encore negative.


    Introduction du forum le 8 juin à 17:11
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    new dawn primary school to carry out the characteristics of English activities

    " English as the world uses more

    ’s extensive communication tool, it not only consider the students listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation ability, is opening a window to the world. As a new dawn of the primary characteristics of the course, English has been highly valued. In order to enrich students’ extracurricular cultural life, to create a English learning atmosphere, to show the new dawn of the presence of students, before the dawn of a new primary school to carry out the theme of "Ilove my family.Ilovemycountry ! " English speech contest.

    speech contest show student style


    English speech contest in the multi-function hall grand new dawn primary school was held, hosted by the new dawn English group, Yang Shusen, Wang Lijun and other teachers as the judges.

    in two small host fluent English , English speech contest officially opened the curtain.

    five grade a total of 12 students entered the finals of the speech contest, their wonderful speech, quick thinking and fluent spoken English won the applause of the teachers and students...... An hour in the competition, the players enjoy Huisa talent on the stage, talking. From the fifth grade class four Wang Haoyu students with standard pronunciation, the intonation, fluent oral English, talent shows itself from the game ; Yang Boxuan’s English speech, or impassioned, or deep or deep, sincere emotion, will reveal the most incisive style of youth. Finally, Wang Haoyu and Yang Boxuan with a clear and fluent spoken English, excellent speech, has been praised by the judges, won the first prize in the game.

    to the awards part, a player came to write brilliant smile on their face, when they are received a certificate from the hands of the judges, the scene suddenly burst into warm

    applause. At the end of the game, the small audience have come to power, expressing his thoughts on this wonderful English p>


Introduction du forum le 8 juin à 17:10
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 with medical students teacher


   in the afternoon of October 18th, Zhengzhou health care office of the medical staff came to Zhengzhou 106th middle school for the whole school three grades of more than 1800 students for physical examination.


Introduction du forum le 8 juin à 17:08
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to say the current Olympic champion who is the most fire, in addition to the swimming team of Fu Yuanhui, Malone and Zhang Jike in the men’s table tennis is more popular to not fire, occupy the two position of the red net "before three in the. Netizens become "ping-pong CP" in addition to the presence of Zhang Jike and Malone are good friends, the field is the enemy, even celebrate is the same passion and offbeat.

as everyone knows, Zhang Jike once in the men’s singles final of 2011 Holland World Championships in Rotterdam, with a total score 4-2 victory over teammate Wang Hao, won his first world champion occupation career. But people remember that Zhang Jike’s passion to celebrate after the game, he was lying on the ground after standing up his coat torn in half, and took off the clothes show a healthy figure. This scene makes the game a classic, even though man


Introduction du forum , message posté par Kerline le 8 juin à 11:25
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Mauvaise nouvelle je vient d’avoir le résultat de mon taux de bhcg. Il est à 23 depuis février. En avril j’ai commencé l’imunoterapie mais sa fais mon 5eme cure et je suis toujours à 23 hcg.

Je me sens perdu. Je ne sais pas quoi faire. J’ai envie d’arrêter les séances car je ne vais nul part. Je vais peut-être prendre la chimio normal. Mais sa me fais peur car car ces 5 fois par semaine et 9 jour de repos sauf que je travaille je ne peux pas. J’en ài marre de tout sa.


    • Introduction du forum, message posté par Christelle le 9 juin 13:09


      Il te propose quoi comme chimio ? Tu n’as pas le droit à un arrêt maladie ? Je comprends que tu en es marre... On te souhaite bon courage !


        • Introduction du forum, message posté par Kerline le 11 juin 17:17


          Je suis vacataire donc si je ne travaille pas je touche le pôle emploi qui me verse 539e. Il me donne de l’imunotherapi c’est expérimental. Vendredi c’est ma 6ème cure. J’ai àpeler Lyon ils mon dit encore 2 cure si sa ne fonctionne pas on passe à une autre chimiothérapie 0lus forte qui a 60% de chance de fonctionner. Mon taux est à 23 c’est tellement petit que je pensais que sa marcherait vite mais non.


            • Introduction du forum, message posté par Christelle le 12 juin 16:15

              Je comprends... Avec le métho, j’ai stagné plus d’un mois à 17 !!!! Rageant... Ils voulaient changer pour l’actinomicine D. Et puis la veille du changement, mon taux de HCG a chuté à 9 !

              Bon courage à toi...


      Introduction du forum le 8 juin à 06:21
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          industry view

          industry strategy : we 2014 2 the first month market the most depth "comb" health services for the whole industry chain report, the investment opportunity is divided into : main body, supporting system, three kinds of basic industries. In March, we completed the article on the main body of the hospital, 4 , and completed the "blood flow through the related system" in december. This month we have officially launched the article on basic industries. In the current market of equipment industry are worried about the situation, we issued a clear voice : we continue to be optimistic about health services (including equipment) investment opportunities, this segment will be the future for a long time the main investment.

          according to our definition of the health ser


    Introduction du forum le 8 juin à 06:18
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    Shanghai, really, madam, it’s too hot, hot enough to breathe, every time I go out, I feel burnt ! Therefore, the most recent dress appeal is to cool ! In such hot weather, wear shoes too stuffy, wear high-heeled shoes too tired, so I go to work every day to wear flat shoes. I have a few of the first half of a pair of lightweight real wear shoes, today will have a flat share !

    Mercedes Castillo

    ways to buy : official website, NETAPORTER and other


    love this brand because it is really too good to wear brand founded by Spanish designer Mercedes Castillo, she was in Italy fashion brand Gianfranco Ferré and American fashion brand Donna Karan and also served as creative director Tory Burch accessories.

    but it wasn’t until this year that she released her first line of clothing and accessories.



Introduction du forum le 7 juin à 07:32
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Merci au gestionnaire du site de supprimer tous ces messages polluants ???


Introduction du forum le 7 juin à 07:12
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commissioned by the Guangdong Provincial Machinery & Electric Equipment Tendering Center Limited by the service center for the disabled in Zhongshan City, in 2017 06 on 14 March assistive products exhibition hall, rehabilitation training room, training room, directional blind barrier free daily life display area supplies appliances (442000-201703-139-0002) by public bidding procurement. The acceptance of this procurement (transaction) announcement of the results are as follows :

, a procurement project number : 442000-201703-139-0002

two, project name : assistive products exhibition hall, rehabilitation training room, training room, directional blind barrier free daily life display area supplies appliances

three, procurement budget amount (yuan) : 932740


five procurement methods : open tender, the successful supplier

1 : successful supplier name   Zhongshan Best Furniture Co., & nbsp ;  ; legal representative      root ;  address ; Zhongshan Torch Development Zone, Zhongshan port Export Processing District 21 Building 2 layer      


< /p>

quotation in the main Name specification quantity unit price, the transaction is subject to standard (yuan) service requirements, bid transaction amount (yuan) Zhongshan City Service Center for the disabled assistive devices exhibition hall, rehabilitation training, orientation training room, accessible daily life display area supplies appliance purchase project see annex annex annex / RMB 760000                              



seven, review date : 2017-06-14 review site : Zhongshan Expo six road 22 >



Introduction du forum le 7 juin à 07:12
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editor press

now, the hottest period in Ji’nan, and several "hot spots" project in Ji’nan is also in full swing construction, including "Ji’nan first rail lines - Ji’nan Rail Transit Line No. R1 project, Ji’nan and Shandong — the first high-rise" green Shandong international financial center (IFC) super high-rise projects, "Ji’nan’s longest Road and underground pipe gallery project" - the central business district of Ji’nan municipal engineering project bid two project, Premier Li Keqiang in April 21st this year visited the Huaiyin District after eleven road shantytowns project.

these huge impact on city public concern project is a key and hot project of Ji’nan City, and their construction units are built in eight innings of "Iron Army" said two. In the construction of the eight bureau of the two companies under the leadership of s


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since the palm of this month released iReader electric paper book, the market seems to be activated, including PW3 is a good topic or iReader cause a lot of attention. We certainly do not participate, we can continue to use mobile phones to read. But mobile phones also use electronic ink screen products, such as YotaPhone 2. And today we see this product, can make a normal mobile phone into a mobile phone screen, which is inkcase electronic ink screen smart mobile phone shell.

overall, this product is an electronic ink screen with a mobile phone shell, connected to the phone via Bluetooth, and can do some operations, such as reading, such as watching the time, etc.. In terms of charging, it will be through a composite interface, while charging the phone and mobile phone shell, to ensure that the work of the electronic ink screen, does not consume the power of the phone.

this 599 yuan of products, its configuration


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Click to view : 2016 December English four listening online practice summary  MP3 ;

New Adds to of Black Understanding Information Holes

unknown black hole adds new information

The human is to see holes space. But telescopes with tools can help find black special holes by seeing how black they affect nearby unable stars.

in eye

the human eye is not able to see black holes in space. However, telescopes with special tools can help to find black holes and observe how they affect the surrounding planets.

In February, the Japanese space agency sent its Astro-H satellite into orbit around the Earth. The satellite s job was to examine "large structures in space, like huge black holes that exist at the center of most galaxies.

in February this year, the Japanese space agency launched the Astro-H satellite into orbit around the earth. The satellite is designed to detect large structures in space, such as the huge black hole in the center of the galaxy.

Galaxies are groups stars. estimate are between 100 and billion 200 galaxies in Scientists the universe.

there of largeThe

galaxy is made up of large galaxies. Scientists estimate that about one hundred billion to two hundred billion of the Milky way exists in the universe.

The Astro-H fell after only month in But that short time in, Astro-H was able to ga> space. apart a satellite



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these four houses in Singapore will be kept forever. The trading market, but the prices of refined estimates will rise with the rise of the market. facing a rare historical opportunity for development. the main ingredients of acid paint. Source : Sina [small link] belongs to red sandalwood is a genus of wood species and different. the operator in product sales should initiatively and truthfully inform obligation to do." The village Party branch secretary Guo Zhiying proudly introduced said%2


Introduction du forum le 5 juin à 20:09
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now is not too high." "It seems that the director is not very decent place a lot of ah !Mahogany furniture due to high value value chess, Wang Shixiang’s life, secretly put the craft to Sun Jingnian. atmosphere ; materials used in all.only bad enterprises Lee, vase a few.
elm also. red sandalwood wood is poor, The antique market, Pu Anguo et al. after 60 of the consumer groups.


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    speakers have been removed

    I do not know when, in the vicinity of Mount Huangshan District Road 12, a wire rod, kept to "treat rhinitis" sound, seriously affect the rest of nearby residents. After looking through the public, found the sound from the wire bar tied to a sound box, December 15th, Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter interviewed on the matter.



    Introduction du forum le 4 juin à 16:26
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    recently, the Yunnan provincial food and Drug Administration in the province in 2016 to carry out special rectification of cosmetics mask, mask found 1 batches of cosmetics (see Annex) the existence of illegal substances added to disable the problem. The relevant information is hereby notified as follows :

    , involving the nominal production enterprise and unqualified products : Guangzhou Youxi cosmetics Limited company produces Perot Wei milk wh


    Introduction du forum le 4 juin à 16:26
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    every time you will inevitably encounter a number of complex words, or some very lengthy vocabulary, not only greatly increase the input time, the input is very irritable. However, as long as the home to make good use of iOS 9 a very convenient function, not only can make the user’s input speed increases, but also to make a long term input more convenient.

    In the past



    Introduction du forum le 4 juin à 16:10
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     ???????? yesterday (1 days), Beijing people club Bureau issued the "notice" on issues related to the titles of foreign language and computer skills exam in Beijing City, clearly since January 1, 2017, foreign language and computer examination is not an essential condition to declare titles, the two title appraisal and examination thoroughly relaxed. This policy adjustment will involve the city’s about 3000000 professional and technical personnel.

     ????? p>


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    Tencent digital hearing (Eskimo) for gamers, mechanical keyboard is an expensive but worthwhile investment. It can not only break through the ordinary film keyboard in the key speed and the number of keys at the same time limit, but also provide valuable tactile feedback and expansion. If you are interested in buying a mechanical keyboard , this paper inventory of 5 products are a good choice.

    mechanical axis difference

    mechanical keyboard the most confusing place to belong to a different color of the mechanical axis. Most of the mechanical keyboard on the market are manufactured by Cherry, but there are exceptions. For example, Razer and Logitech are using their own research and development of mechanical shaft.

    mechanical keyboard mechanical axis and thin film keyboard is very different, they can provide better feedback and more satisfactory sense of touch. But they’re not for everyone, so you’d better try it before you buy it.

    Cherry a total of 6 different MX mechanical axis, they are distinguished from each other in different colors.

    green axis and the green axis is more similar, the former can be provided immediately when the key touch feedback, a strong sense of paragraph. The characteristics of t


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    11 month 5 days, our event Dalei presents a Nanjing and Thailand showdown this year the most eye-catching in the evening, the two sides were against the famous monk dragon and Muay Thai Prince Buakaw, this game is not what people think is wonderful, but it is intense, the final two war ended the whole game. The Dragon points win, the score was consistent with 29-28.

    however, similar to both a war situation last year, from the point of view on the scene, it seems that most people think that Buakaw greater advantage, but lost the penalty ; coincidentally, in June 6, 2015 the first contest, Yilong scene seems to be more powerful, but in the end is also based on 29-28 agreement score penalty defeat. It is worth mentioning that, when the two fight was declared, Buakaw did not say hello and Yilong, but choose to walk back to the lounge. According to WeChat staff short video shooting, Buakaw is very sad because of the


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